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Week 9 Homework
Introduction to Criminal Justice – 13
June 16, 2012
Shannon A. Dunbar

During the past 50 years, there has been much debate on what type of sentencing or sanctions work or do not work with the criminal justice community. Many different ideas have been tried, and they all sounded good. Were some of them perhaps the magic bullet that the criminal justice system was looking for? In this assignment, you will examine what works, what doesn't work, and what may be promising.
The first topic that I have chosen is intensive probation supervision. This is defined as a type of intermediate sanction that involves small probation caseloads and severe monitoring on a regular basis ir weekly basis. (Worrall, Pg. 499). This particular program is implemented in approximately 40 states and to date approximately 100,000 clients. This particular program is associated with small caseloads of 15 to 40 individuals who are kept under close supervision by probation officers. The intensive probation supervision program (IPS) has three main purposes: decarceration, control, and reintegration. This program basically depends on a great degree of client contact to complete the purpose of decarceration, control and reintegration. This program is also applied in many ways. IPS in some states is directly sentenced by a judge while others it is a sentencing after the alternative use to divert offender from the correctional system. Another method to use IPS is as a case management tool in order to give the local probation staff the flexibility on order to deal with clients. There are other domains that use the IPS system in three ways that may be in addition to applying it to the probation violators in order to being them back halfway into the community without winding up into a prison term.
My second choice is electronic monitoring. Electronic monitoring defined…...

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