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Professional Plan
Melissa Laugois
Bryant & Stratton College
COMM150: Introduction to Information Literacy and Research
Mrs. Gregory
September 26, 2012
Professional Plan There are many careers in the criminal justice field that interest me, but the top three are forensic science technician, detective and criminal investigator, and a lawyer. I am interested in these careers for many different reasons and some are the same. I am passionate about catching the “bad guy” and putting “him” away. In order to make the best decision I need to understand how these careers are alike and how they differ.
The career that interests me most is a forensic science technician. Many people do not know what a forensic science technician does. Forensic science technicians do many tasks from collecting evidence to conducting experiments in a laboratory.
As a forensic science technician I would be responsible for collecting evidence from a crime scene and storing it in the proper conditions to preserve it. Another task of forensic science technicians is to keep records and prepare reports. The reports would detail the findings, the investigative methods, and laboratory techniques used. A forensic science technician may have to use chemicals to examine latent prints and compare them to developed prints known in databases. Sometimes forensic science technicians testify in court about investigative techniques or about analytical methods or findings. It is very important for forensic science technicians to photograph all evidence collected before and after it is moved. References
Bureau of Labor Statistics. (2009). Science technicians. Occupational Outlook Handbook (2010-2011 ed.). New York, NY: Skyhorse.
National Center for Onet Development. (2010). Summary report for :19-4092.00—Forensic Science Technicians. Retrieved from…...

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