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Executive Summary


1.0 Introduction/Problem Statement:

2.0 Project Initiation and Planning

2.1 Project Objective

Section 1:

1.1 Project Scope
1.2 Project Charter:
1.3 Project Validation Analysis
1.4 Work Breakdown Structure
The WBS at the summary task level is listed below.

Section 2:
2.1 Schedule

| |Task Name |
|CP1 |Select Architect |

3. Budget cost:

|Task Name |Resource Names |Fixed Cost (VND) |Cost (VND) |Hour per day |EAC (VND) |
| | | | |(h) | |
|"HUE - Project" | | | | | |
| | |- |- | |- |
|PLANNING PHASE | | | | | |
| | |- |- | |590,827,874 |
|Select Architect |PM[10%], FS[60%] | | 2,616,960 |5.6 |…...

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