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I was brought aboard a new venture recently that is still not even in the prototype development stage. So in this new venture, I decided to start researching some good project management based software that we can use to organize and stay on track. There are many options out there but I was looking for something… well… free!

I stumbled upon a freeware gem called Project Pier. Surprisingly, it was very easy to setup and the GUI was simple to pick up. It comes out of the package ready to help manage multiple projects all at once. You can set milestones, set tasks, create reports, create and track tickets, write and manage wiki pages, and it comes with all the standard administration/configuration. Adding users and managing them is a breeze. It also has many configurable items such as email notifications.

You can create a milestone goal for your company or project to achieve and then create a task list where you assign different tasks to different users. Each user gets notified of there tasks and given the deadlines. As tasks are completed, you can actively see the % of completion of each milestone or task. Its a true treasure to be able to see the progress your company makes day to day.

The ticketing system is very straight forward. You can open tickets in categories like bug reports, enhancement requests, or defect. Each ticket gets assigned severity levels and can email notify specific individuals who will then update and close the ticket when the issue or enhancement request has been attended to.

Project Pier requires Apache with PHP and MySQL database. If you need assistance with the install of Project Pier, then feel free to email me at and I would be happy to assist!

I have only gone over a few of the features of Project Pier but the others are just as great. So if your looking for a free project management software…...

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