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Table of Contents Introduction 2 Question 1 3 Question 2 5 Advantages of promoting from within 5 Disadvantages of promoting from within 6 Advantages of bringing in from outside 7 Disadvantages of bringing in from outside 8 Impact of promoting from within on the morale of employees 9 Impact of bringing in outside on the morale of employees 10 Referencing 11

In my opinion based on the case study, it is not justified in appointing Mike Ullman, an outsider as CEO instead of Jessica Robert, who was instrumental in turning around the company between 2005 and 2010. The reason I disagree is because promoting from within brings a lot of benefits to employees and organization. I individually support promoting from within and I think that promoting from within is definitely more justified than bringing in an outsider. Research shows that insider and outsider both has different benefits and loss and it is depends on the managerial decision. Different management has different view towards insider and outsider. I have choose to support promoting from within in this assessment is because that the research make me believe that promoting from within can increase productivity and employees satisfaction. I have provides three strong reason to support my personal view.

Question 1
The first reason of promoting from within is good for morale. When the top management is decided to promote from within, the others employees are often very pleased because they think that “one of their own” has been promoted to a management-level position and makes them feel nothing is impossible. (David G. Javitch., 2005) The morale of employees will improve when they realize that every one of them is possible to be promoted and this usually leads to increase motivation of employees. Since Jessica Robert was instrumental in turning around the company, the others…...

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