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The purpose of this project is to promote the three ‘Oreo’ products to a specific buying public and inform the prospective consumers about their existence and their advantages that would answer their nutritional needs. It focuses on a powerful advertising campaign that specifies the benefits of the products and their role in a customer’s life. This project aims to create a positive image of our products and persuade customers to switch to our brand.

As the rising obesity tide continues to plague the U.S. and other states and as childhood obesity is a growing concern, the World Health Organization has compiled food-based dietary guidelines to encourage an improved quality of both diet and lifestyle. Thus, with the new health and wellness consumer trends, we have developed and introduced healthier and portion controlled snacks that are amounted with less cholesterol and fats.

The world-famous Oreo brand continues to expand and fulfill new customer demands. Due to the fact that lifestyle changes towards health and nutrition are highly promoted, Oreo introduced health and nutritional products. Now, people can maintain their weight with 100 Calorie Pack Oreo, Sugar Free Oreo and Reduced Fat Oreo.

1. Product characteristics and 4)target customer 3. logo slogan

The origin of the name ‘Oreo’ has a three-fold meaning. It is speculated to be a derivative of the French word, ‘or’, meaning gold, since the original packaging was golden. Another hypothesis is that it was named after the Greek word for mountain, ‘Oreo’, because the test version of the cookie had a curved-hill type shape. The third variant is that they took the ‘re’ from ‘cream’ and put it between two ‘o’ s and had ‘o-re-o’.

As cookie sales began to slowly decline a few years ago because consumer’s buying habits were shifting towards…...

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