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Research Strategy To Find A Solution For Procrastination
Dakota Swanson
20th September 2010

Research Strategy To Find A Solution For Procrastination
“Procrastination is the Thief of Time; Year after year it steals, till all are fled”
(Young, 1742, Night Thoughts I. 18).
A more detailed definition, “Procrastination, the habit of putting tasks off to the last possible minute, can be a major problem in both your career and your personal life. Side effects include missed opportunities, frenzied work hours, stress, overwhelm, resentment, and guilt. The behavior pattern of procrastination can be triggered in many different ways, so you won't always procrastinate for the same reason. Sometimes you'll procrastinate because you're overwhelmed with too much on your plate, and procrastination gives you an escape. Other times you'll feel tired and lazy, and you just can't get going” (Pavlina, 2001, Overcoming Procrastination by Steve Pavlina).
Procrastination like any other problem can be controlled if not solved. There are various ways in which one can begin the curative process. It is common knowledge that the first step to recovery is admittance of the problem, and then making that conscious effort to remedy that setback. To make that step, you must identify the root causes of your procrastination, how often do you procrastinate, what tasks you procrastinate more for whether is if for job related tasks or personal engagements, and the consequences. How it affects you emotionally, physically and mentally, and how it affects your successes in life both professionally and personally.
There are many sources whereby you can gather the information needed to research your problem. You can acquire information on the causes and effects of procrastination. One fundamental source would be your personal experiences. Over the years as a professional or a parent or…...

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