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M3 - The impact of Government Policies on the public services.

In this assignment I am going to be explaining the impact of government policies have on public services.

Many policies have been implemented which have had an affect on the public services. Some examples of policies which have had an affect on public services are ; the human rights , financial reductions or increases, and increased use of reserve forces.
Firstly I am going to talk about the Human Rights Act which has been implemented by the government on our society and this has affected the public services extremely as it affe cts the way they work and act with communities.

Human Rights affecting the Public services

The NHS have been affected by human rights act as they have been challenged many times over certain situations which have been occurred. The Human Rights Act covers many situations, such as the issue of whether patients are able to eat properly and respect for privacy on a hospital ward. A good example given to the inquiry was when a young girl aged 5 was undergoing open heart surgery and the hospital refused her parents to stay the night. The parents of the 5 year old girl appealed against this and won as it was breaching human rights.
This can make the NHS look bad by not being able to follow the human rights act. This could prove to be vital as patients will want full trust in their health carers and the NHS not following the human rights act properly could lose trust from their patients.

Another public service who is affected by Human Rights is the Police Service. The Police service have had many complaints in the past about the breach of human rights and the police need to address any issues with human rights immediately because they need to respect this policy as it protects people. An example of where the police breached human rights is when Ian…...

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