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Critique of Colella & Gejerman’s Study “Survivorship Health Information Counseling for Patients with Prostate Cancer” Laura Laughbaum, SN Lake Superior State University

This paper is an academic critique of an article written by Colella and Gejerman (2013) titled: “Survivorship Health Information Counseling for Patients with Prostate Cancer.” The authors undertook a research study to examine whether specialized discharge education counseling increased prostate cancer patients satisfaction with their care and education related to their chronic health problems after radiation therapy. My examination systematically focuses on specific aspects of the article in terms of process and validity of research methods and results. I have attempted to develop a cohesive and unified explanation which not only expounds the particulars of the research but which also formulates a clear interpretation of that research throughout. I suggest that the lack of communication of the researchers in this article about their methods of sample selecting and data analysis greatly reduces the validity and generalizability of their findings.

Critique of Colella & Gejerman’s Study “Survivorship Health Information Counseling for Patients with Prostate Cancer” In their article, “Survivorship Health Information Counseling for Patients with Prostate Cancer,” (Colella & Gejerman, 2013) outline a quasi-experimental research design involving two sample groups (one experimental and one control) of fifty-two males with prostate cancer that had undergone radiation therapy. In their introduction to the article, the authors state that “survivorship care if often overlooked, and health care providers fail to include potential latent chronic problems resulting from cancer treatment in…...

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