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Large Business User Panel - Mobiles Questionnaire

To feed into the Oftel review of prices of calls to mobiles, we would be grateful if you could spare the time to complete the questionnaire below. Panel members are assured that any information they give will be treated confidentially and will not be attributed to themselves or their company.

Once you have completed the form, please return it, by 8 January 2001 at the latest, to Melanie Smith, Oftel, 50 Ludgate Hill, London EC4M 7JJ (fax 020 7634 8757; e-mail: In the meantime, please get in touch if you have any queries (020 7634 8741).

Thank you for your help.

1. Are all your company’s phones on the same network (BT Cellnet/Vodafone/Orange/ One2one, Dolphin)? please tick relevant box

Yes go to question 2

No go to question 1b

1b. How many mobile networks does your company use? please tick relevant box

Two networks go to question 2

Three networks go to question 2

Four networks go to question 2

Five networks go to question 2

2. Approximately what proportion of your company’s fixed telecoms bill is made up of calls to its own mobiles? please tick relevant box

0-10% 51-75%

11-20% 76%+

21-50% Don’t know

all go to question 3
3. How important were the following factors when your company chose all of the mobile network/s it currently uses? Please tick one box across the row for each factor

| |Very important |Fairly important |Not very important|Not at all |Not applicable |
| | | | |important | |
|Good network coverage | | | |…...

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