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Together, they spend every single day watching football, placing bets while making thousands and thousands of pounds from betting.

In the past 18 months, Gavin and Alex Walker have made nearly £400k in the space of a year. In fact, they once made £17k (one years salary) in a week. So why work?

The brothers live in a huge penthouse in London, with huge 50inch plasma's, enormous double beds and an incredible view of the city. It really is the good life. They spend all of there time betting on football and that's how they earn the big dollar.

When asked about their lifestyle to thetab.com, they both open up about their lavish lifestyle and betting habits.

What do you bet on? Is there a specific system you have?

We only bet on football. The main thing we do is single bets – no accumulators or doubles or anything like that, every bet we do is in play. It’s much easier to judge the outcome of the game that way.

We literally bet on anything, anything you could imagine – this morning we woke up at 7am to bet on Uzbekistan girls U16s against Japan. We found a stream from China, lay in bed and put our money on.

How many games do you watch a day?

About four or five a day, every day. I liked watching football before we started and I guess I still like it now, maybe a little less than before. It never gets boring because the stakes get higher and higher, the feeling is still electric.

How did you explain you were going full time to your parents?

Obviously they weren’t too keen on me quitting my job to do this. But we could show them how we’d made a persistent profit over the course of a year – I think they believed in us and believed we’d be alright. We had £70,000 tucked away in case the entire thing went wrong so they knew there was that back up.

Once you quit the job what happened next?

I was living at home, saving up to come to…...

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