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Multinational Marketing (BMGT 456), Section 6380 (2158)
Fall 2015
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Professor Carolyn Galvin



Multiple Choice (1 point each)

1. Which of the Hofstede variables would be most closely responsible for the existence of formal rules and procedures within a given culture? a) Individualism b) uncertainty avoidance c) masculinity d) femininity

2. Jane greatly values achievements and success. Fred on the other hand, values time with family and friends. Based on Hofstede’s cultural dimensions, Jane is likely to come from a _____culture, while Fred is likely to come from a _____ culture. a) high power distance; low power distance b) high risk loving; low risk loving c) individualistic; collectivist d) achievement oriented; performance oriented

3. Italians and Mexicans would openly express emotions even in a business situation, where as British and Japanese would consider such displays unprofessional. Trompenaars categorizes the differences as _____.
a) universalism versus particularism
b) neutral versus affective
c) specific versus diffuse
d) achievement versus ascription

4. Which of the following does not characterize the Japanese business environment? a) strong working relationships b) strong seniority systems c) weak middle management d) emphasis on looking after employees

5. Which of the following would likely occur in a high-contact culture?
a) widening your eyes
b) looking at your watch
c) speaking faster
d) touching while you speak

6. Which of the following statements about time systems is true? a) Monochronic time systems are linear; polychronic systems have a past, present, and future. b) Monochronic time systems have time experienced in a linear way; polychronic systems…...

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