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Nathan A. Pareaux
Professor Perdiue
English 1302
21 March 2011
I found the symbol of the flower to be used sparingly and dramatically by our heroine Rabbithead. I noticed it used sparingly in the comic and for dramatic prose when Rabbithead places it at the grave in the beginning of the story. This is a comic that has many symbolic characters and events that can be interpreted any number of ways, but one single event struck me as odd at the beginning of the story. People generally place flowers at the tombstones of their loved ones for symbolic reasons of mourning. Rabbithead places the flower after she fills the grave herself and then rides away on her horse. To many this would mean she is mourning someone recently deceased close to her but this story can lead many to believe the flower is a different type of symbol. If you look further you will notice different flowers take on different roles throughout the comic. You see the one flower grow and get eaten by a pig while another grows and eats the head off another creature. In this regard it seems that flowers and plants signal impending death and retribution. A small unstoppable force against what initially appears as overwhelming odds. This story in generally carries a very strong 'circle of life' type theme and I found the flower to be symbolic of Rabbithead's understood fate, as if she was saying to the graveyard that she will soon be returning, maybe even digging her grave with the task she is about to embark upon. She does in fact take a seemingly dangerous mission as she gets into trouble with local tough guys at the western saloon. With no words to guide us we are stuck taking nothing but symbolism from these events and forced to creatively assign meaning and narrative. In fact one of the only definitive acts this story does offer us is the flower being placed at the grave in the beginning.…...

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