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1. What are the fundamental aspects of Plato's ideal state?
2. What are the major ideas of Aristophanes and Socrates?
3. Examine Aristotle's view on education and its role in polity?
4. What is the origin and nature of Aristotle's best state?
5. What in the views of Cicero constitute the nature and meaning of law?


1. What is St. Augustine's views in the relationship between the church and state?
2. Why did feudalism last for a very long time?
3. Identify and discuss the essential kernels of St. Aquinas Philosophy.


1. Briefly discuss Machiavelli's ideas on the prince and state power?
2. What are the contribution of jean bodin to political philosophy?
3. Tacitly describe the Hobessian notion of social contact?
4. Highlight the significant attributes of Hobbes concept of sovereignty.
5. To what extent did Locke's experiences influence his political theory? give reasons for your answer?
6. What are the main logic of Locke's version of social contract?



1.Plato describes how such a state would be organized, who would govern it, what sort of education the children would have, and so on. Sir Karl Popper argued in The Open Society and Its Enemies that Plato’s ideal state is totalitarian, with little freedom of expression allowed, little diversity, and a perverse commitment to a Spartan-like regimentation of social life.

2. In 423 B.C. the popular poet Aristophanes entered his play, The Clouds, in the Great Dionysian, the biggest dramatic festival at the time held in Athens.
 He is an enigmatic figure known chiefly through the accounts of classical writers, especially the writings of his students Plato and Xenophon and the plays of his contemporary Aristophanes.

3. Put simply, these kinds of knowledge are distinguished by their aims: theoretical knowledge aims at contemplation, productive knowledge aims at…...

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