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Read Case Application 1, "Lessons from Lehman Brothers: Will We Ever Learn?" at the end of Ch. 5 of Management. 

Discuss the scenario with your team. 

Discuss the second, third, and fifth discussion questions at the end of the case with your team. 

Answer each question based on your team's discussion in no more than 350 words per question.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

2. What was the culture at Lehman Brothers like? How did this culture contribute to the company's downfall?

The culture at Lehhman Brothers was questionable. Based on the readings, they gave their employees the ability to make high risk decisions to take in high financial rewards without approvals or collaborating with other team members. The culture was based on which employee made the most money, regardless of the risk. The top executives were also dishonest by manipulating the balance sheets to ensure short term financial results were beneficial to the organization, Lehman Brothers executives and employees lacked ethic and moral values resulting to the company's downfall.

3. What role did Lehman’s executives play in the company’s collapse? Were they being responsible and ethical?

Lehman’s executives play in company’s collapse was caused by their conduct “serious but nonculpable errors of business judgment to actionable balance sheet manipulation.” Lehman’s executives were not being responsible nor ethical by balance sheet manipulation. They were dishonest in their finances and were not beneficial to the organization.

5) After all the public uproar over Enron and the passage of the Sarbanes Oxley Act to protect shareholders, why do you think we still continue to see these types of situations? Is it unreasonable to expect that business can and should act ethically? The reason is simple greed blurs the vision. When a company sees a potential win fall they have…...

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