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This course introduces the student to concepts of research in criminal justice. In this section, we explore the basics of what research is and what it can do in the criminal justice system. This week, the student is exposed to a variety of new terminology relating to research and meet the following objectives.

• Explore the scientific approach to criminal justice research. • Distinguish between qualitative and quantitative research. • Differentiate between pure and applied research. • Specify the various functions of the research process. • Summarize the meaning of research ethics and examine the codes of ethics in criminal justice research. • Assess the nature and diversity of ethical dilemmas in criminological research. • Explore the meaning of statistics and the basic ideas behind any statistical study.

This Week in Relation to the Course

CJA/334 addresses various questions and problems of various components of the criminal justice system. As with other disciplines, criminal justice is sometimes difficult to define, as it involves issues that involve cross-discipline issues from psychology and public administration to sociology and law. Criminal justice research addresses all aspects from police, courts, corrections, criminal procedures, juveniles, and a host of other mundane problems faced by stakeholders.

Heffner (2004) states that research is the foundation of all sciences. Research is a controlled effort to acquire knowledge about a problem. Heffner writes that research uses the process of deductive reasoning which “refers to a structured approach utilizing an accepted premise (known as a major premise), a related minor premise, and an obvious conclusion” (2004).

According to Heffner (2004), the research process may…...

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