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Read Only & Binary Files
In order to write data to a binary file within a program, you would use the command ‘writeallbytes’. For example:
Dim CustomerData As Byte() = (From c In customerQuery).ToArray()
My.Computer.FileSystem.WriteAllBytes("C:\MyDocuments\CustomerData", CustomerData, True)
The commands displayed above will save the data from an array into the file CustomerData. With using the switch True at the end, tells VB to append the file. If the switch were set to False, then VB would create the file if it did not exist, if it did then it would overwrite everything currently in the file with the data from the array.
Const ReadOnly = 1

Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set objFolder = objFSO.GetFolder("C:\Scripts")
Set colFiles = objFolder.Files

For Each objFile in colFiles If objFile.Attributes AND ReadOnly Then objFile.Attributes = objFile.Attributes XOR ReadOnly End If

In order to write data to a “read-only” file, you will start off by declaring the variable that you will use inside of the program for the file. After that you will open the file and run a test on the file using the command line: If obj.File.Attributes AND ReadOnly Then. If the both of the statements return with a true then the file is “read-only,” and will need to be switched before any changes can be made to the file. If the Attributes and the ReadOnly comes back False then the file is not “read-only,” and changes can be made freely to the file. If the file is “read-only” you will have to run the command: objFile.Attributes = objFile.Attributes XOR ReadOnly
The XOR command will switch the settings of an attribute on a file, whether it be read-only, hidden, system, or archive. So if the file is read-only, you’ll run the XOR command, make whatever changes you need to the file, if you ran the XOR command earlier in the…...

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