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The Responsibility Project: The Second Line

By Rebecca Powell

The Responsibility Project: Second Line
By Rebecca Powell
May 6, 2013

What is the relationship between legal and ethical issues as shown in the film? * * Introduction *
The film selected was called the Second Line located at for this assignment. In review this information one will see that the world does not revolve our daily actions of life. The film gave a different approach in viewing the world and surrounding.

The Second Line

The purpose of this short film was to display how many individuals go about their lives living in a tunnel vision world. In the film Danny Glover the actor was shown as a business man who did not pay any attention to anything in his surrounding as he journey to work. In the world of which we all live many people are so caught up in their own world, not even taken the time to smell the flowers. People who tend to live in such a matter are not just blind to their own needs but also the needs of their community.

The term tunnel visions which can be describe as one who is only focus on things within narrow vision. The main character of this film display this very term. This short film showed the main character who started out his day having car trouble. He really did not try any other options to see what the problem with his vehicle was. His goal was to get to work due to time that reflected on his watch. The issue I took from the film is neglect in not broadening his horizon in contributing to his community. As citizen there are times one must give back to the community of which they live in helping it grown and become as one with thy surrounding neighbors.

In the film the role that external social pressures had in influencing ethics was that of paying it forward. At times big companies…...

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