Relationship Maintenance and Facebook

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A. Rationale Social networkings on the Internet, the Facebook phenomenon, benefits of friendship, and relationship maintenance have been researched throughout this study. The literature highlights how the Net-generation, born from 1990-2002, uses Facebook to maintain their friendships. This research shows they use Facebook more to maintain and strengthen past and current friendships and less to meet new people. By defining Generation Y, it is evident recent studies on Facebook use and relationship maintenance has only examined the latter half of this group. Current literature provides a wealth of information on those born from 1990-2002; it does not provide studies on the earlier half of Generation Y, those born from 1976-1989. Generation Y encompasses a broad range of age groups. Given the continued emergence and integration of technology in everyday life, it is important to understand how it is being used. The proposed study aims to examine the way the elders of Generation Y maintain relationships on Facebook.

B. Statement of the Problem
The research intends to answer the following questions:
1) Do Facebook users born from 1976-1989 use the site to maintain relationships?
2) What relationship maintenance behaviors are commonly performed on Facebook?
3) Has the use of Facebook affected the way the early half of Generation Y maintains friendships?
4) Has the frequency of offline communication been replaced by online communication through Facebook for this portion of Generation Y?
5) Has this online communication affected the perceived quality of relationships for the early half of Generation Y?
6) How does relationship maintenance for the latter half of Generation Y compare to previous research on the early half of Generation Y?

C. Significance of the Study
Communication has evolved as accessibility continues to grow with new technologies…...

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