Repair Process

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Repair Process

During the time when company’s machineries break down or get damaged, particularly San Miguel Corporation’s refrigerators and appliances, it is our duty and core responsibility to fix and repair their machineries as the main service of our company. It is our goal deliver and repairs the appliances on time with the excellent quality much better than before. We’ve already accomplished repairing appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, coffee makers, brewery machines and the like. We have also clients from different companies but San Miguel Corporation is our main priority. First, the secretary of the company receives a call from the client to have his machine repaired. The client is given a job order when the order is received and is pending to be done. The company receives the machines to be repaired and when the machines get to the company. The staff analyzes what repair should be done. After analyzing the staff figures out the problems and they will repair the machine. After the machine was repaired they will transfer it and recheck the machine if it is properly repaired. The machine is ready for packing and the client can now get the machine.

The mechanisms that support the process are the people behind it who make the process on how to achieve the core goal of the company for the repair process. Right now, we are trying to develop more and new much more efficient ways on how to get more clients and achieve more tools and repair process staff to further expand the growth of our…...

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