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To: Edward Nelson, Executive Director

From: Tabatha Monroe, Librarian

Date: Monday, September 10, 2012

Subject: Request for Professional Development Funding

I am writing this memorandum to request Kaplan College to sponsor a Business Writing course that I wish to enroll in at the University of Miami. I spend a fair amount of time at work communicating via emails, notes, letters, and reports and many of these documents are read by our internal and external customers. And I believe that a Business Writing course will improve not only my job skills, but productivity as well.

In my current position as a librarian, I am responsible for communicating with students, faculty and staff members, publishers, and vendors about academic issues on a daily basis using email, memos, and reports. I also compose, edit and publish user guides with instructions on how to access and use various library resources. And I annually submit a report that provides details on how the learning resource center is complying with federal and SACS regulations. By focusing on the particular types of documents that I use on a daily basis, this course will help me to improve the skills needed to write and edit business documents that are concise, correct, and clear.

This course will assist me in developing my business writing skills that will allow me to better meet the needs of this organization through effective communication. After this course, my productivity will increase because I will no longer spend extra time on the phone and writing emails, clarifying details. Guides and reports will be designed in a way that maximizes effectiveness allowing our customers to find the information that they are seeking in an efficient manner. I will also have the time to take on additional assignments and work with students on their academic needs. And by improving my…...

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