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Request for Proposal

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Potential Trainers of Microsoft Office Programs for iOS Technical Support Advisors

By Amber
Information Technology Manager
Apple, Inc

June 11, 2012

Table of Contents

1. Abstract 2. Introduction to Apple, Inc a. Company Description b. Business Goals 3. Introduction to Project c. Project Goals d. Time Allocated e. Budget f. Description of training 4. Administrative Information g. Qualifications h. Proposal Requirements i. Confidentiality Notice j. Reference Requirements k. Contact Information l. Deadline m. Vendor Selection Timeframe n. Selection Criteria 5. Glossary


Due to the lack of knowledge of Microsoft Office by our iOS Technical Support Advisors, we must hire, our customer satisfaction surveys have declined.
Our department is looking to hire trainers skilled in the use of Microsoft Office, to assist the advisors with becoming more knowledgeable of the software.
Achieving the above will better equip the advisors to assist PC customers, as well as increase customer satisfaction.

Introduction to Apple, Inc.

a. Company Description
Apple, Inc. designs and manufactures the iPod and iTunes, Mac laptop and desktop computers, the Mac OS X operating system, as well as the iPhone and iPad.

b. Business Goals
We strive to maintain loyalty of our consumers by providing excellent customer service.

Introduction to Project

o. Project Goals
By hiring trainers for the iOS department, we plan to raise our customer satisfaction reviews back up to at least 80%.

p. Time Allocated
We have scheduled to train the advisors for a total of 3 months, splitting them up equally into 6 groups for 2 weeks each.

q. Budget
The company has allocated $75,000…...

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