Research Paper Literature Review: Transportation in Third World Countries

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Transportation and Infrastrucutre development in Eastern africa Transportation and Infrastrucutre development in Eastern africa

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The Perfect Chalk factory LTD is a private limited company (LTD), located in Kigali, Rwanda. Currently in 83% of the inhabitants of Rwanda are without electricity, making traditional forms of teaching, like chalk and chalk board, the main form of learning for schools, and universities. The goal of founder and CEO, of Perfect Chalk, Jean Bosco Mugabe is to be able to provide affordable, high quality and locally made chalk to school in the greater Rwanda region. Jeans’ vision is to expand his business to the outer limits of Rwanda, and possibly into other parts of Africa. However, The Perfect Chalk Factory is currently suffering from limited growth opportunities due to the inability to efficiently transport products outside of a certain radius of operation. The reason for this limitation is the quality of vehicles available to the company, high transportation costs and the condition of the roads outside of the city. The question that is being presented is whether there are better forms of product transportation available to the Perfect Chalk Factory, or are they forced to limit the reach of their business to their current area of operation.
Lowering the Cost of Transportation of Eastern Africa Teravaninthorn, and Raballand (2008) did a review of the main international corridors of Africa where they measured the costs, and the problems associated with the trucking industries of each region. The study was carried out in three phases. Phase one consisted of distributing a trucking survey, in which the researchers were hoping to understand the basic operations of trucking services. Phase two…...

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