Reversals in Angela Carter's "The Tiger Bride"

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Reversals in Angela Carter’s “The Tiger Bride”

The Tiger’s Bride is a modern reworking of the classic Beauty and the Beast tale in Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber. Carter takes a keen interest in the psychology and underlying dark themes contained in these children aimed tales. In The Tiger’s
Bride, the story is told through Beauty’s point of view. A previously unexplored side, where the reader can understand the emotional journey Beauty goes through, how she sees the Beast, and how she sees herself. Carter aimed to bring out the sexual repression of women juxtaposed with animalistic desires. How does Angela Carter transform the classic Beauty and the Beast Tale all the while maintaining its essence?
She dismantles Beauty’s mental process during her predicament. She discovers her animal nature as she reaches an age of sexual awakening, foreshadowed by the stained white rose, symbol of purity tainted by blood; and is in fact, the one that undergoes the biggest transformation as the story unfolds.
In this tale, Beauty had been sold to a Beast wearing a human mask. Her father lost her in a game of cards, along with all of his fortune. As with most versions, the mother figure is absent and the daughter is forced to obey her father’s orders, although it is his mistake. She is bound by an honour code to go along with whatever the men in her life have decided for her. This is a common thread with the widely known tales of
Beauty and the Beast by Beaumont or The Frog Prince by the Brothers Grimm. The daughter feels either bound by her own sense of honour or forced to abide by her

father’s wishes. Carter makes the idea of women being treated as mere property a central theme in her tale. This is especially evident when her father compares her to a rare pearl and the Beast calls her a “treasure”. In no way is she made to seem or feel…...

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