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Thesis deliberation week for this school year was more interesting than the ones I watched last year. One of the questions raised was how does this design concept be of help to a rehabilitation center, specifically to the patients. His defense was that, in his research, natural air and more open spaces can contribute to a better rehabilitation of the patients, this can be achieved with the use of passive cooling. One of the major concerns of the jurors was the overall exterior design of the building. Although the student’s objective was about achieving comfortably private building, his design did not speak well so. There were too much open spaces and the faced did not bring in a feeling of a rehabilitation center, rather a school or hotel. I think, although this does help, he could have reconsidered his concept and design a more rehabilitation center looking building.
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The project is located on the new UST campus in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. His concept for the shape of his proposed building was the “Icthys” and the Dominican Cross of the Philippines. There were some few points that the presenter missed like labeling things such as the elevator on his plan and failure to provide an access road to the sewage disposal for solid waste, in order for trucks that will clean the sewage disposal. We must always remember to put into considerations details such as that. A concern raised by one of the jury was the budgeting of the materials used. It was pointed out that we should take into consideration the expenses for things such as elevators. There were 2 elevators on the presenters plan, it would have been better to only provide one for we need to consider that, usually in these kind of establishments, low costing of materials is preferred. In terms of his skills in speech, Mr. Tan’s delivery of words was good, he was eloquent in his speech…...

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