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Camden City Accelerated School Strategic Plan
Grand Canyon University: EDA 575
May 15, 2013

Camden City Accelerated Academy School Profile
Camden City Accelerated Academy

1033 Cambridge Ave.
Camden NJ 08105
Ext. 24400 (Main office)
Ext. 24501 (Academic Office)
856-342-6822 Fax
Executive Director: Jamar Brown
Principal: Charles Johnson
Director of Operations: Jaquay Waller
Director of Special Education: Maura Schlindwein
The achievement of all pupils and the establishment rely on the preparation and implementation of the school administrators. ISLLC 2008 Standard one, states that the leadership team must examine assorted elements of the school community in order to design and implement the specific actions for the schools vision to come together. Also, ISLLC 2008 Standard three, states that the schools vision has to be watched carefully to guarantee success for all students and staff.

Mission: “The Camden City Accelerated Academy pledge to overcome obstacles, discover individual potential and establish goals for the future in a rigorous academic environment” (Camden City Accelerated Academy Brochure, 2012)
“The Camden City Accelerated Academy is dedicated to establishing the most extraordinary learning environment that allows our students to spread their wings to their fullest potential and soar into the future” (Camden City Accelerated Academy Brochure, 2012). The intent of Camden City Accelerated Academy is not only to educate our students in academic areas, but to mold them into all around prosperous individuals, who can be effective leaders and mentors in the community. Our students come to this academy because they have had behavioral issues in their previous learning environment, but by positive mentoring and behavior adaptions, we provide them with the necessary skills to advance in the future.…...

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