Seurity Assessment Report

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Security Assessment Report

November 7, 2015

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Executive Summary 5

Top-Ten List 5 1. Information Security Policy 5 2. {Security Issue #2} 5 3. {Security Issue #3} 5 4. {Security Issue #4} 5 5. {Security Issue #5} 5 6. {Security Issue #6} 6 7. {Security Issue #7} 6 8. {Security Issue #8} 6 9. {Security Issue #9} 6 10. {Security Issue #10} 6

Introduction 7

Scope 7 Project Scope 7 In Scope 7 Out of Scope 7

Site Activities Schedule 7 First Day 7 Second Day 7 Third Day 7

Background Information 8


Asset Identification 9


Threat Assessment 9

Threats to the {CLIENT ORGANIZATION} 9

Laws, Regulations and Policy 10

Federal Law and Regulation 10


Vulnerabilities 10 The {CLIENT ORGANIZATION} has no information security policy 10 {State the Vulnerability} 10

Personnel 11

Management 11

Operations 11

Development 11

Vulnerabilities 11 There is no information security officer 11 {State the Vulnerability} 11

Network Security 12

Vulnerabilities 12 The {CLIENT ORGANIZATION} systems are not protected by a network firewall 12 {State the Vulnerability} 13

System Security 13

Vulnerabilities 13 Users can install unsafe software 13 {State the Vulnerability} 14

Application Security 14

Vulnerabilities 14 Sensitive information within the database is not encrypted 14 {State the Vulnerability} 14

Operational Security 15

Vulnerabilities 15 There is no standard for security management 15 {State the Vulnerability} 15…...

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