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Fences Socratic Seminar Questions

Directions: Answer the questions below in preparation for the Socratic seminar on Fences. You must respond in complete sentences, and you must submit your answers to Schoology. Your written responses will be part of your Socratic seminar grade.

Make sure your responses are specific. Provide specific quotes and page numbers to support your responses.

1. People are made up of both good and bad character traits, just as characters from literature are. No one person or character is 100% good or 100% bad. Troy was a complicated character. Argue whether or not you believe Troy was a good man or not.

2. What are some examples of cultural, political, and social fences from history and today? What messages do these fences convey? Are these fences good, bad, or a mixture of both?

3. How can fences be invisible? Provide at least one example of an invisible fence you put up in your own life.

4. How do you think the primary characters’ respective childhood environments affect their personalities? Do you think it was fate or choice that had the most effect on them? Why?

5. Names hold a symbolic meaning in the play. What symbolic meaning do you think the characters below hold? One example has been done for you. a. Cory- Cory is the youthful center of the family, like the core of an apple. b. Rose- c. Gabe- d. Troy- 6. What do you think the play is saying about the themes below? Do you personally agree with these themes? a. Like father, like son. - b. Personal desires are more important than family needs.- c. Baseball has nothing to do with real life.…...

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