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The essay is an in depth analysis of a scholarly article as well as a review of a popular media resource on sexuality. The scholarly article reviewed is titled, "Sexual knowledge, attitudes and activity of men conscripted into the military" authored by Jiankang, Chao et al. published in 2010. The study focused on experience, understanding, knowledge as well as attitudes concerning sexual activities of persons recruited in the military.

According to Chao, et al, 2010 the research article's major component is knowledge, attitude, values and skills concerning sexuality. It is apparent that the fight against HIV and AIDS calls for the involved parties to adequately have enough knowledge to tackle it. Thus it is of significance to ensure that people are well equipped with the desired knowledge. The article sought after providing evidence that is needed for development of a better sex education program to be used beyond high school, an examination of sexual knowledge, attitude as well as behaviors of young men recruited in the military. Similarly, the research sought to determine if there were differences in socio-demographic characteristics between men who did, or didn't have sexual experience.

The research was done by use of both secondary and primary sources of data. The desired data was collected from a group of military members in southern Taiwan between the periods of January and July 2009. The target sample was aged 18-29 years. To aid in data collection, survey questionnaires were distributed to 1230 recruits.

From the study, the authors established that close to 43% of those recruits participating in the study had penetrative vaginal intercourse at least once, about 34% had heterosexual oral sex, and about 7.0% engaged in homosexual intercourse. Close to 7.5% experienced homosexual oral sex within the last one year. It was also…...

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