Short Story Analysis: “a Television Drama”

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Short Story Analysis: “A Television Drama”
Plot Summary
The short story’s plot begins by introducing the main character Carolee Mitchell. Carolee is in her home doing her daily chores when suddenly she looks out her window to find many policeman, police dogs and police cars outside on her street. Carolee did not know what was happening so she continued on with her chores. In a few moments Carolee notices a young man drenched in blood in her garden outside. Carolee wants to call the police but questions what good it would be considering they are already on her street. She wants to call someone but none of her neighbors were home. Thinking that he was injured and maybe was not even the man the police were after, she looked out the window to see him stand up and walk towards the parking area where he tumbled to the ground. Soon after, the police and reporters were there. A couple seconds later on the radio a news bulletin was out saying that the man had robbed a bank, run a car into a tree, shot a policeman, and had been shot at. Soon after her husband Pete came home and Carolee explained everything that occurred earlier. After the explanation the couple turn on the tv to see a news report that summarises the event. Carolee now feels very differently of society.

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In the story there were really only 2 main characters, Carolee and Pete. Carolee is the protagonist of the story. She is a dynamic character and seems like a normal person maybe oblivious and innocent at the beginning of the story but then turns a little more anxious towards the end. She is married to Pete who is a more static character who does not change during the story. He seems more aware than Carolee of how the world is towards the end of the story.
Narrative Voice The short story is told in a third person omniscient point of view. The point of view could be say omniscient…...

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