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Michael Moore’s Sicko:
Good Health Equals Bad Business
Senator John Kerry once said, “It is time to speak and stand up again for the ideal that in the richest nation ever on this planet, it is wrong for 41 million Americans, most of them in working families, to worry at night and wake up in the morning without the basic protection of health insurance (Health Care Quotes).” The United States of America is the wealthiest nation in the world and ranks number one in terms of health care spending per capita. It is also the only wealthy, industrialized country that doesn’t have a universal health care system. It’s. It ranks no higher than 36th in life expectancy, infant mortality and male and female mortality (Murray). So if the U.S. is spending so much on health care, why are we not seeing better results for its citizens health and what can we do to make it more efficient? In Michael Moore’s film Sicko, he shows us several people’s experiences with their respective countries health care system. He takes the viewers to countries such as France, England and even Cuba to show us other various types of health care systems. What I first noticed after watching this documentary was the different opinions and views regarding health care between Americans and people from foreign countries. Moore shows how the American point of view has a very condescending and distasteful outlook on how our health care system is ran. With the use of anecdotal evidence, Moore shows a man in France who is diagnosed with cancer and has to go through chemotherapy. After his treatment, the man was given three months off of work with pay. The man from France goes on to rub salt in the wound, explaining how he spent his time off in the south of France regaining his health while the government paid 65% of his salary and 35% by his employer. This…...

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...Even with prior knowledge of the American healthcare system and the corruptness of insurance companies, the documentary Sicko by Michael Moore was still able to shock me about the harsh realities people actually endure concerning their health and well being. I was so blown away with the stories that I actually imagining myself in those people’s situations. C. Wright Mills would say I was using the sociological imagination, which is the ability to see how individual experiences are connected to the larger society. In America we are raised to believe that our nation is the best in the world in every category. This documentary serves to tell otherwise. “People who like to avoid shocking discoveries, who prefer to believe that society is just what they were taught in Sunday school, who like the safety of the rules and the maxims of what Alfred Schuetz has called the “world-taken-for-granted,” should stay away from sociology” (Macionis and Benokraitis, 7) That quote can also be used to describe this film. We need to think outside of our own experiences in life, to truly understand society as a whole. Otherwise we will remain ignorant and heartless as most of health insurance companies in America. The U.S. healthcare system is ranked 37 out of 191 countries in the world. We need to use our sociological imagination to understand the different people affected, especially people like me who have had good enough insurance to cover my medical needs thus far in my life, of course......

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...Paper #2 [Rhetorical Analysis Assignment (1)] (4 full pp. double-spaced) Sicko Analysis In 2007 documentary Sicko Michael Moore addresses the issue of America’s health care system. This topic has been in continuous debate among our political leaders for many years now. Michael Moore believes America’s health system is morally corrupt which is unreasonable for being the wealthiest country in the world. In many instances throughout the film, he argues the fact that the American health care system is subject to fraudulent decisions, aiming towards governmental funds, rather than the rights of American citizens. Furthermore, he compares health care conditions from around the world, arguing that countries with this benefit are much better off than those that are not. This movie is an attempt to encourage middle class individuals to stand up for what Moore thinks of their Constitutional right, health care. In the movie Moore uses different techniques to support his argument that universal health care is better than government regulated health care. One of which was to interview individuals around the United States about their health insurance experiences. One of the most memorable stories came from a mother whose four-year-old daughter died because she was refused care at a hospital. The way Moore sets up this particular interview is unforgettable. As she begins telling her chilling account, the camera zooms into her face. When the camera zooms out, we see that behind her......

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