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New Age Hypnosis


Self Hypnosis

Easy Ways to Hypnotize Your Problems Away

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New Age Hypnosis



This book is dedicated to the thousands of my patients who have been kind enough to use self-hypnosis for a myriad of improvements, without whom this book would not have been possible. I also dedicate this book to the Universe, whose many wonders never cease to both amaze and instruct me in the art and science of self-hypnosis.


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New Age Hypnosis



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...Romans road and Four Spirit Laws was a method of sharing the Gospel in a more straight forward way. Just like the actual roads of Rome it was important for stability and expansion of information. The method consists of five parts and each part is supported by one verse from the book of romans. The first verse says “Everyone is a sinner” meaning it is ok to sin all humans will at some point. This doesn’t make sinning ok; it only means that it’s only natural too. The second verse says that “The price of sin is death” which means the penalty of sin is death. Christ paid the penalty for our sin. We all deserve death, which is the ultimate penalty for sin. Everyone will pay for his sin unless he comes to Christ, who has paid the price for our sin with His blood which is stated in the third verse as well. The fourth verse states that “We can receive salvation and eternal life through Jesus Christ” which means if you put your trust in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and make Him the Master, the Boss of your life, you will live forever. God loves you and wants you to enjoy peace and life, today and eternally. God doesn't hate you, but he hates sin. He loved you before you were born. He knew you'd need a Savior and sent His only Son Jesus to die in your place. Christ, who was without sin became a sin sacrifice for you. The final stated that “salivation through Jesus brings us into a relationship with God makes us righteous in his eyes”. The advantage of these verses is that they...

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...The Method: What we are doing is, we find website in niches that you have to choose and that are not mobile optimized (responsive)* yet. *This means that they do not have a mobile optimized version of their website, i.e. users with mobile devices will have a hard time browsing their website. We sell them mobile websites. But wait – do I need coding skills here? No, absolutely not. The trick is, that you have a really great pitch. Of course you can sell the mobile website whenever possible, for example if you go into a bar, just search their website and if it is not displayed in a nice way, go and talk to the owner and sell them a better site. But in this Tutorial we focus on E-Mailing them.  So here comes the Step by Step Guide. . 1)  Take a sheet of Paper and write down the niches you would like to take, for example: 
a. Restaurants
b. Bars
c. Hotels
d. SwimmingPools e. Dentists/Doctors f. Etc. 
We are looking for STATIC sites here, best sites are sites that do not have dynamic content and complicated stuff like self-made booking systems etc. Take easy sites that only have static information like the above mentioned ones. . 2)  Now, as you got your first niche, we are looking for a first city, for example choose a Canadian City like Kingston (Ontario) or any other city in any country of the world. You should make a list with many cities here, too. And then use a. City1Niche1 b. City2Niche1 c. City3Niche1 d. City X Niche 1 e. City1Niche2......

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...environment and use that information in order to interact with our environment.  Social Media as a Communication Tool All organizations engage in some form of social media. Social media enables organizations to establish an electronic platform to communicate directly with consumers, conduct research, and promote their business. Although it’s not easily controlled as a formal method of communication, social media has even been used during times of social change. No longer do we have to wait for the daily newspaper of local broadcast for the latest breaking news. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and blogs have catapulted the exchange of information between businesses over the years. Social media can a powerful tool to impact business communication in a positive way if used appropriately.               Conclusion             Successful leaders must understand the importance of interpersonal communication and explore different methods to get messages across. Following the communication process will ensure effective communication and improved efficiency.   References Arnold, E., & Silva, N. (2011). Perceptions of organizational communication processes in quality management. Psicología (02549247), 29(1), 153-174. Harvard Business Publishing. Teamwork and Collaboration Presentation. Retrieved from Mind Tools (2014). The Johari Effect......

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