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Social Development Research
• A study was done to examine violent behavior from ages 13 to 21 and identified predictors at age 10.
• 55% of youth engaged in violence in adolescence, but desisted from any violence in early adulthood.
• 16% of people persisted in violent behaviors at age 21.
• The analysis performed and referred to in this article found that factors loaded consistently on three components, which were labeled; Early Individual Characteristics, Early Pro-social Development, and Early Antisocial influences.
Explain why you chose this topic and article:
I chose the topic (childhood risk factors for persistence of violence in the transition of adulthood) because violence among children has become more and more common over the years. It is not unheard of to hear a child brought a gun, knife, or even a hand grenade to school. I was curious to learn what characteristics were shown in these type of children and what the likely hood was for them to turn around their lifestyle as an adult.
Key points of the article:
The key points in this article were the numbers given during and after the study. It showed that more than half of youth that were engaged in violence in their childhood years retracted from any violence in early adulthood. The article also made it a point to inform that some differences in risk profiles did develop after combining risk and protective factors into component scales that were based on results of the principal components analysis.
If you had to write a research paper on this topic, would you use this article you selected?
I found this article to be interesting and the study showed a lot of percentages and gave different scenarios. However, if I had to write a large research paper on this topic I would search for a different article on this same topic. I feel the topic is relevant in today’s world due to all the violence with…...

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