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• Running head: Do information media have social responsibility? If yes, in what ways? If no, why not?

Do information media have social responsibility?
Larry Komrofski
University of Phoenix
Hum/176 Media and American Culture Gary Rhodes
June 23, 2013

Yes they do, at least that is how I feel. I am still rather confused though. After recently reading that many of your big news companies are owned by certain companies that might quite often have a personal bias or personal agenda, now that is bad enough but I also read that there is no law that states that the news broadcasters have to actually tell the truth. I cannot begin to wrap my head around this. For some foolish reason I just assumed that they would be obligated by law to have to tell us the complete truth, boy do I feel naive. It would be nice to think that a good mother was in charge of all the information media companies, because a good mother would only publish news that was worthy and non-harmful in any way to anyone. It would be nice to think that information media only told us the truth and never added any personal bias, but that is just not the case. In the process of reporting what they report daily, information media has the ability to sway our thoughts and ideas and influence what we buy, where we buy it, who is popular, and why. Next thing you know, what their wearing is what we are wearing. It is unfortunate that this kind of power cannot be harnessed and focused on more important issues in society, rather than the big corporate individuals using the media for their own personal agendas to further their personal…...

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