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Social Norms Projects

Dinner time with my family is a very important time. It is the only time in the day that we can all sit down and discuss our days event. Today I thought I would be really odd and attempt to violate the norms of having dinner together, and not sit on a chair, instead I would sit on the floor under the table, and eat my dinner without talking to anyone. I think that my family would feel really strange and would ask me if something was wrong with me because I have never done this before.
There are 5 people including me, good number to sit at the table. I began the experiment when we were ready for dinner. My host mom started to stare at me while I was beginning to sit on the floor. All eyes were focused on me, my host dad asked me why I was sitting on the floor. I chose to ignore him and just not speak and my host family just looked at me with disbelief. I would say that they felt uncomfortable to have a person below sitting on the floor while everyone was at the table eating. I continued to restrain myself from laughing but had tears streaming down my face because I thought it was so funny. They were confused about my behavior but had no idea as to how to deal with me. My host mom and grandmother could not eat because I was acting very strange. My host dad and sister continued to eat and asked me if I wanted the dogs bowl since I insisted on being on the floor. They laughed at me but my host mom did not. I finally stopped and explain why I did it. My host mom said that she thought this was a Thai tradition but since I would not talk that maybe I had a rough day at school or just really missed my family. She also said that most people would not do that, unless someone was having a hard time with ones emotion.
My thought was not totally correct because my host dad and sister found my behavior amusing. Nothing would affect their dinner time.…...

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...The social norm I chose to violate was to sit in an empty chair at an otherwise occupied table. I chose a table occupied by three people in a coffee shop in Portland, Oregon. There was not much of a reaction to the social norm violation I committed. The people at the table just looked at me for a moment. After an awkward moment of silence the people at the table said hello and made small talk with me. They were very friendly and easy going. They did not seem to mind that I sat at their table uninvited. After speaking for a few minutes I explained to them that this was a psychology assignment and let them read the assignment. The people at the table were somewhat confused as to why such a thing would be assigned by a college professor. They explained that they felt it was inappropriate for a teacher to ask students to put themselves into any of the listed situations. All the people stated they were not offended by someone actually doing these things. They were bothered that students were required to violate any of the “so-called social norms on the list”. I found my actions to be rude and inconsiderate. I would not like it if someone came over and sat at my table uninvited. Maybe someone wants to have a private conversation with the others at the table. Maybe someone is on a date and wants to be alone. Maybe the people at the table are criminals. Maybe the people do not care if someone sits at their table uninvited. The bottom line is that for me it was......

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