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February 20, 2013 ATM se5 Software development for ATM machines Sindiso Suzzy
1. Project Plan Overview
Project Goals
1.1 Project Summary
1.1.1 Purpose, Scope, and Objectives
This project was designed to study the requests, designs, implementation and maintenance of the software for both the bank server and the ATM client devices which will include the Global Bank ATM network, in accordance with the requirements specified by the client. Every activity directly linked to the purpose is measured to be in scope. Any activity that is not directly related to the purposes is obviously considered out of scope. Let take for instance, issues concerning:
The availability of ATM hardware and network are out of the scope of the project.
Please find below the objectives of the project are:
•Project to be completed by project due date
• Project to be completed within its budget
• All deliverables will be provided as identified in section 1.1.3 by the project due date
•All stated request should be fulfill as in the SRS of the software product deliverable, and it falls within any of the below categories
— The modification of Global Bank customer database
— The interface with the bank’s computerized account system
— ATM transactions of customers
— Customer ATM statement
— Periodic numerical report of ATM operations
1.1.2 Assumptions and Constraints
This project is planned with the following assumptions:
•it is a sub component of a large project
• The project should convey the software components of the larger project
•The preliminary estimates for this project as provided in this SPMP are +/- 50%
• The hardware that this software will run on has been defined already by the larger project that this project is a part of.
• Software used: Window 7-based using Windows…...

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