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Source of responsibility Everyone knows that it's all about serving taking care of yourself in a responsible way. We challenge ourselves every day to come up with the right solution. Then we prove it to ourselves before we prove it to others. We know that it must be right. It must be affordable. And it must be there on time, every time. We're proud of the fact that we accomplish what we want and meet our goals in schedules. If there is no responsibility one cannot accomplish and goal that he set for his, his friends and his family so one must have a goal which is supported by a responsibility. The question is where does responsibility come from what is its source?
The word "responsibility seems to have slipped out of usage along with the phrase "taking responsibility."
Here's what the 1828 Webster's Dictionary had to say about the root word:
RESPONS'IBLE, a. [from L. responsus, respondeo.]
1. Liable to account; accountable; answerable; as for a trust reposed, or for a debt. We are all responsible for the talents entrusted to us by our Creator. A guardian is responsible for the faithful discharge of his duty to his ward. The surety is responsible for the debt of his principal.
2. Able to discharge an obligation; or having estate adequate to the payment of a debt. In taking bail, the officer will ascertain whether the proposed surety is a responsible man. Human responsibilities are thmjie universal responsibilities of human beings regardless of jurisdiction or other factors, such as ethnicity, nationality, religion, or sex. The idea of human responsibilities arises as a natural counterbalance to the philosophical idea of human rights.
Meaning of responsibility
Responsibility is taking care of your duties.
Responsibility is answering for your actions.
Responsibility is accountability.
Responsibility is trustworthiness.…...

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