Staffing Shortage

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Staffing Shortage

Nursing is a profession that is in demand however we have a current shortage that will increase over the coming years. Mittelman (2010) reports that we will have a short fall of at least one million nurses by the year 2020. The implications of this shortage are widespread. Consequently much attention about the nursing shortage (beside to administrative leaders) has captured the attention of health organizations, policy makers, researchers, academic institutions, and the profession itself (Kirschling, Colgan, & Andrews, 2011). A significant amount of attention targets hospitals since they employ the largest percentage of nurses. Importantly, challenges that stem from the nursing shortage must be addressed in a proactive manner to support endeavors of providing excellent patient care for patients, families, and communities served. Furthermore, healthier environments would help prevent burnout among nurses producing poor morale. Retention of current nurses and attracting new individuals to the profession is paramount if we are to sustain adequate numbers of qualified professionals. Healthcare organizations are the cornerstone of nursing employment. These institutions have difficulty hiring new staff as well as keeping current professional nurses. Halfer (2011) reported that hospital leaders must support nursing job satisfaction as well as professional practice development. In effect, this will result in an increased probability of retaining staff that are incredibly expensive to replace monetarily and time-wise from the perspective of developing a well functioning team. When hospitals do not have an adequate number of nurses to provide safe, effective patient care, this has the potential to cause conditions in which the…...

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...Nursing shortage has been a hot topic in the nursing filed for more than decade. Multiple components are the catalyst to this disaster. The reason why I identify our nursing shortage as a disaster is because human lives are in our hands. Another concern is the potential of not been able to meeting the health care needs of our communities. This national growing problem makes it crucial to attract students to the profession (Vioral, 2011). Even after students enter nursing programs, 13% of newly license register nurse change their bedside job after one year and 37% of nurses report a desire to change jobs after one year (Vioral, 2011). These are alarming rates most shift our focus to ensuring we keep our nurses engage and satisfied with their job. What I was able to gather from my research was not a bit surprising as to why nurses are not satisfied with their jobs. These reasons consist of stress related to understaffing and the high acuity, lack of support from the leaders, salary, scheduling problems, an unfriendly or negative environment and the lack of professional growth. I do not about you all but these are not new words to my ears. I have been listening to the same tune for more than 25 years. As a leader it is very frustrating working with HR recruiting department and the engagement crew to keep our nurses engage and at bedside. Fostering a culture of genuine support by nursing administration and educators is one the first step an organization has to take......

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