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Define the subnet (based on: rooms, floor, department or other criteria)
For each subnet, define the network address, subnet mask and available IP addresses to be used by computers or devices.

Physical Network Design:

Define the topology
The topology used for this design is a star topology, the computers in each classroom/office are connected to a central device (switch). The reason for this topology is because it allows for the network to be expanded without disruption, it is easy to implement troubleshooting and a break in any single cable does not cause the entire network to fail (p. 19). The only downside to this topology is cost. It requires more cable than most other topologies as well as networking devices (eg. Switches/hubs).
Select the appropriate network media to use. The network media necessary for this is as follows:
Switch x11 – For each room that requires more than one computer and the server rooms. The reason for this is so that ports can be allocated accordingly to staff or students as well.
Patch Panel x11 – For each room that has a switch so that multiple computers can access the ports on the switch. The patch panel will provide the network with a connection point between network equipment and the ports to which the PCs are connected.
Router x1 – This is where the default gateway for the network will be and is located at the demarcation point. It is used to route information obtained by the network and deliver packets returned by the Internet.
Wireless Access Point x1 – The WAP will be located in the Library and is used to grant wireless access to the internet via the router to those who need it. select the appropriate network connecting devices to use
The network connecting devices that will be used are:
Shielded Cat5 Twisted pair cabling that are plenum-rated. These cables will be used within the drop ceiling of the building when…...

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