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Steve Jobs
During the Mac's production, Job's reality distortion field bothered many team members. They felt hard to work for Steve since he did not provide the trusting, supportive, relaxed environment they needed, and most of them were afraid of Jobs since Jobs wanted to control everyone. However, Jobs' personality embraced and internalized it, it allowed him to con people into believing his vision and leaded to enabled he to inspire his team to change the course of the computer history. During the work, he always expected the best result from people, and it really worked, the team finished the impossible mission and thought it worth the pain. For the design part, Jobs wanted to make apple's product design to be really simple which got from his Zen Buddhism culture. He believed it would be friendly and lead products seems easy to use. However, during their innovation, the problem exist that the fast keeping innovations would let their new product destroy their old ones.
During this time, Jobs brought Pepsi's president to Apple with his creative idea that to sale a lifestyle to customers and build Apple Generation. This idea was still kept in Apple Company now. After Mac launched, Jobs made a huge success in the presentation. He let Mac introduced itself to the audiences. The creative action quickly attract everyone's attention and leaded Apple and himself to a new successful field.
However, Jobs' extreme desire for control finally hurt Apple, people left Apple since they did not like Jobs' style and they believed Jobs took Apple to a wrong way. Even for his best partner Wozniak decided to start his new company. While the Mac's sales got huge decrease due to its initial problem, the Apple came to its hardest situation. Finally, Jobs lost his control in Apple Company.

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...STILI UDHEHEQES I STEVE JOBS Bibliografia e Steve Jobs * Ka lindur ne 24 Shkurt 1955 dhe eshte femi i adaptuar nga Paul & Clara Jobs. * Ka punuar per HP ne nje program internshipi mbas shkolles se mesme. * E ka lene kolegjin qe ne semestrin e pare. * 1976: Themeloi Apple Computers me Steve Wozniak ne 1976. * 1984: Prezantoi Modelin Macintosh ne treg * 1985: Dha doreheqjen nga Drejtimi i Apple computers I detyruar nga Bordi I Drejtuesve. * 1986 Themeloi Next Computers * 1986: Bashke themelues I Pixar Animation Studio. * 1997: Next computers ju shit Apple & Jobs u be perseri CEO. * 2001: Lancoi revolucionarin ipod * 2007: Prezantoi 3G iphone, te parin e llojit te tij ne treg. Sharmi (Charisma) What is charisma? In Dubrins book on leadership he suggests that charisma “involves a relationship between the leader and the people being led”6. He furthermore points to the importance of “management by inspiration” as he calls it and he point to the different communication styles of a charismatic leader7. In essence, charisma is a key aspect of leadership, as Dubrin discusses. Steve Jobs is famed for his ability to give speeches and captivate the audience’ attention8. He is able to captivate his employees and audience with the ability of an evangelist. In this respect we can observe that he posses the charismatic abilities that Dubrin demands by communicating his ideas using metaphors and...

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...I. Brief Biography of Steve Jobs II. Steve Jobs and Apple III. Ethics and Values IV. Death of Steve Jobs V. Conclusion VI. References Executive Summary Steve Jobs has been labeled a visionary by many, and rightfully so. Though he may not be the tech celebrity that he once was, nor is his name any longer so strongly associated with the basic, commonplace components of software and hardware design that he helped to pioneer and that computer users the world over take for granted, the charismatic, passionately counterculture chief executive officer of Apple Computer was once the most important individual in Silicon Valley and even today dictates the trends and, some would say, overall health of the industry, continuing to drive innovation. I. Brief Biography of Steve jobs Steve Jobs is a great man so the rules don’t apply, is how Steve Jobs is described at the beginning of his career at Apple computer. From his early childhood, he was always thought of as an oddball or different. From Steve Jobs rise to power, to his fall, and to his second coming, Steve Jobs has always been different. Steven Paul Jobs was born an orphan on February 24, 1955 in Los Altos, California. Steve Jobs was adopted from infancy by a Northern California machinist named Paul Jobs and an accountant Clara Jobs, both now deceased. Being mostly a typical boy Steve did well in school with...

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