Strategic Marketing Plan: Caroll in China

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Table of content:

I) Presentation of Caroll
a) Caroll and Vivarte
b) Historic of Caroll

II) The company’s mix marketing:
a) The product
b) The place
c) The price
d) The promotion

III) Chinese market audit - PESTEL analysis:
1) The political environment
2) The conomical environment
3) The social environment
a) Chinese cultural specificities
b) The chinese purchasing attitude
4) The legal environment

IV) The SWOT matrix
a) Strengths
b) Opportunities
c) Threats
d) Weaknesses

V) PORTER’s five Forces matrix:
a) Threat of new entrants
b) Power of supplier
c) Power of buyer
d) Treat of substitute
e) Industry rivalry

VI) The Boston Box

VII) The Ansoff matrix:



In order to build a marketing plan properly we need to introduce the subject which is the expansion of Caroll in the Chinese middle class market. First it’s important to get to know the market we want to enter; PESTEL analysis will give us an overview of the particularities and difficulties of the Chinese environment we will have to overcome. We will then highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the company and point out the opportunities and threats we’re to meet. To do so we will use different tools matrixes -The Boston box, Ansoff matrix - and analysis schemes such as the marketing mix 4 P’s, SWOT and Porter 5 forces. These elements will help us to define properly the marketing strategy that matches with the Chinese expectations and our abilities.
We are beginning our essay with the presentation of the company and the most relevant facts.

I) Global presentation of Caroll:

a) Caroll and Vivarte:
Caroll Company was created in 1963 by Raphael Levy and Joseph Bigio. It was called “Les tricots Caroll”. It is in 1988 that Caroll became a subsidiary of the group Vivarte. This…...

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