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Repair or Replacement of Non-working Street Lights The repair or replacement of non-working street lights in several areas of the city has caused hazardous driving conditions due to low visibility. The city has decided to make the repair and replacement of these lights a priority.
Identifying the problem: Although the city has already stated that nonworking street lights has the culprit to the problem the real problem is low visibility. At what level of light output is conditions considered acceptable; for instance is a 1000 watt bulb considered adequate for 500 feet of road? Is this acceptable for all roads? Is a residential area roads need different lighting requirements as a highway or what about historic areas that want to maintain a time period look and feel through the area? For this exercise we say that historic areas will not accrue changes under this program, residential areas need a 500 wattage bulb every 1000 feet, and highways need a 1000 watt bulb every 500 feet.
Understanding the problem Low visibility: Are current street lights working? If so, are the lights adequate to meet acceptable levels? If not, how far are the lights poles positioned apart? And what wattage of bulbs is being used? Do these meet the minimum standards set above?
Identifying Alternate solutions: If lighting is not meeting acceptable levels should more lights be added or should existing lights be replaced due to the inability of the current lights to provide adequate amount of light.
Selecting the best solution: Multiple solutions are possible; for every different type of road a different solution is possible. Example: A historic section will not have any changes, but highways with light poles spread 1000 feet apart with 1000 watt bulbs would need addition light poles added.
Step by Step: In this step is where all the data and standards come together in order to achieve…...

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