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An observation study is the recording of behaviours or events and the gathering of data that proves or disproves a hypothesis. There are five different types of observational study which can be covert meaning secretive or overt meaning open to all involved. Observational studies are not usually experimental as there are no independent or dependant variables as this method is a more natural type of study in psychology.

Participant observation is when the researcher takes part in their own observation with the participants.

A non-participant study is where the researcher keeps his or her distance while observing the participants behaviours during the study.

Unlike the others the structured observation method is a semi-experimental observational study. It is a planned observation and recording of behaviours as they happen in a controlled environment.

The unstructured observation is a spontaneous observation of behaviours or events while they are happening in their natural environment.

The naturalistic observation is a planned observation of natural behaviours in their environment.
A participant observational study can be beneficial as the researcher is part of the environment of the study allowing an insider view of their own study.

Non participant observational studies can be seen as a good way of researching the study, as the researcher avoids contact with the participants and this could be because the observer could cause the participants to act in an unnatural way making the end results of the experiment inaccurate; this is called the observer approach.

Structured observations are a semi experimental observational method of research, making this a controlled environment which provides a safer environment to work with, which is good for research with child studies. The type of study allows control of extraneous variables meaning the…...

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