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TEST OF READING COMPREHENSION AND CRITICAL THINGKING: Answer the following question with complete and grammatically correct sentences. Each question is answerable by not less than three sentences. Make your answers concise yet meaningful and logical . GOOD LUCK !
1.What is your understanding of President Marcos’ speech, entitled ‘’ The purpose of man”? (5 Points)
Ans: My understanding about presidents marco’s speech is anyone can employed in citizen’s assemblies. Young people is not a barrier in society as long as they help the society to achieve country peace
2. According to President Marcos, why did he always include young people in citizen’s assemblies? Do you think this was a sound or good measure imployed by the President ? (10 Points)
Ans: Because he believes that todays young are much more aware and active, and so must participate, in the important decisions of the society. Yes, because not all old man can protect or aware in this society.
3. Based on the speech, what do you think should man’s purpose be in this society? (5 Points)
Ans: The purpose of man in the socitey is to be a true man to his society. Its object is excellence of man as man and man as citizen. It regards man as an end. Not as a means and it regards the ends of life, and not the means to it.
DICTIONARY USAGE: choose atleast (10) unfamiliar words from President Marcos’ speech .Then, using a dictionary, give the following information for each word chosen: (1)MEANING ; (2) PRONOUNCIATION ; (3) PART OF SPEECH. For this test, the instructor requires you to put your answers in tabular format. (NOTE: The students is required to indicate what reference dictionary you used to complete this task. No reference citation, no point to be given. In addition, mobile application dictionaries ARE NOT ALLOWED. ) WORD |…...

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Level of Critical Thinking Skills start reading to get some background information. Developing a better understanding of the topic will lead to a stronger comprehension of the text. 12. Read the conclusion of the article or chapter for especially difficult writing. Many times authors simplify and summarize their ideas in the last paragraphs. Reading this section early on can help you to understand the previous sections more clearly. 13. Never hesitate to ask your professor for help. Send them an e-mail or visit his/her office hours. 14. If you don’t understand the text, don’t pretend you do; this will hinder your ability to understand the content of the course and your ability to complete assignments. Sources Langan, J. (1999). Ten steps to advancing college reading skills. Marlton, NJ: Townsend Press, Inc. Print. Wintner, G. (1995). Practical college reading: Strategies for comprehension and vocabulary. Chicago, IL: Richard D. Irwin, Inc. Print. ************************************************************************************************* Permission is granted to copy and distribute this handout if the following information remains intact: The College of Saint Rose Writing Center, 2011 Designed by Christine Meglino ...

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