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Succeeding is not an option for me, it is a requirement. In order to succeed, I will have to create my own path to success. First, I have to identify my strengths and weaknesses, believe in myself, and have a positive attitude. I will have to carefully work towards my strengths and my abilities. As I have mentioned earlier, my strengths are vital for my success. Therefore, I need to build on them effectively. I have the ability to work well with others in a friendly environment. I am more comfortable in conveying my ideas and my opinion to my fellow group members. With the diverse ideas within a group, we are now able to express our ideas into one central solution. One of the important aspects to my success is time management as it is a strength that I need to further expand. I can’t regain every minute that I waste. In the past, I had been successful in time management by avoiding multitasking such as watching television while doing homework from school. I can avoid this by prioritizing my work according to their importance in my life. This may help me save my valuable time and stop me from wasting it on unnecessary wants. If I am able to save some extra time, I can also use it to my personal entertainment such as watching television. These little things enormously add up to the road to my success. Another important aspect to my success is to know my weaknesses. By identifying and correcting my flaws I will be able to overcome my personal obstacles. In the past, my lack of leadership skill affected me significantly due to my poor communication skills and reluctance to speak in front of an audience. I can only improve this problem through participating and engage more in activities such as volunteering. Therefore, extracurricular activities such as volunteering or organizing events will help build my leadership skills. This will significantly help me gain more…...

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