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A. Topic

This is a recommendation to start a new summer program for children with the purpose to encourage reading. The new program will be entitled “Read and Feed Crafts Program” and will be available to children ranging in age 18 months to 16 years. The children will receive a hot lunch, and a free library card. They could spend time reading, playing games, or learning different crafts. It also includes reading incentives for independent reading for reading to others. The program would run for six weeks between the hours of 12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. Suggestions for funding would include securing a Title I grant (Education, 2011). There are some low income families living in this neighborhood. In addition, the library could seek the assistance of volunteers to participate in the program.

B. Purpose

The purpose is to encourage the library to consider the idea of setting up this new program in the community during the summer time to encourage the children to enhance their reading skills and development of relationships with their peers. Summer is a great time to encourage children to read books. Reading will help to improve literacy skills and better prepare children for the upcoming school year. One of the best ways to get a child reading is to allow them to pick books they want to read about topics that interest them. Many of the children in the area of the library are from low income families and do not readily have the opportunity to experience something that would enhance their education skills and have fun at the same time without having to spend money. Many times the children have nothing constructive to do and find themselves bored. This would allow them to get out of their houses and spend constructive time with other children in their peer age groups. Stay-at-home moms can also get a break from the same day-to-day patterns and…...

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