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The production of Orange juice. RAW MATERIALS NEEDED (1) Oranges. (2) Water. (3) Citric acid. (4) Vitamin C. (5) Sugar. (6) Antioxidant.


The Means Of Transportation To Source Raw Materials (1) LAND TRANSPORT:
It is the movement of goods, services and people from one place to another. This means of transportation is the way which I source my raw materials. It is through the use of cars, Lorries, trailers. They go to rural places and collect oranges planted in my farm and if it is not enough or there is no orange produced, then, we buy from the villagers.

It is the movement of goods, services and people from one place to another. It is through the use of ships. They go to other countries then we buy fresh oranges from the people so that we can have different varieties of orange juice. E.g. Nigerian Funman, American Funman etc. And some other raw materials.

The Means Of Transportation To Distribute Finished Goods (1) LAND TRNSPORT:
It will be used to distribute the goods to my different warehouses in that particular country.

It will be used to distribute the goods to my different warehouses outside the country so that it can be a multinational producing company.

Challenges With The Means Of transportation (1) LAND TRNSPORT:
It takes lot of time and the accident rate is high. Sometimes the hold ups even delay the goods and t night their marauders round which is dangerous. There are bad rods and if the goods sty for long time they can even spoil.

It is very slow especially in long distances. It is very expensive to acquire ship. And loading and unloading of goods in ship re not easy.

It is very expensive. It is not…...

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