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A - SummaryThe story is about Julian who lives with his parents in Sheringham, a holiday town. One dayMiss Hoare, who is a painter, comes to the town and has an influence on Julian because he is atthat moment trying to decide whether he should spend his life painting or become a scientist.Julian’s father normally looks patronizingly upon the tourists but he takes a liking to Miss Hoareand advices Julian to talk to her. Julian then also takes a liking to her and is exited when sheoffers to take a look at his sketchbooks. But she cannot look at it right away since she his havinga visitor the next day. While Julian is waiting for Miss Hoare’s visitor to leave, his O-levelresults, which he has been waiting for arrives. And they are excellent. He then goes to whereMiss Hoare is staying to retrieve his sketchbooks. At that moment he still has not made hischoice. Miss Hoare’s visitor, Mr Castleton, answers the door. Mr Castleton informs him thatMiss hoar is drunk and then tells him to “piss of”. Afterwards, while watching the tourists leavehe decides to tear up his sketchbooks one by one.

B - Essay
Almost every young person today is facing some kind of crossroad when he has graduated fromschool. This is mainly because of the abundance of options young people have today. We couldquit school and get a job or maybe a training place. We could stay in school - but if so, whatshould we study…we could take some time off and then return to school. Or we could pursueour dreams of becoming an actor or perhaps a singer. In fact the options are secondary - thetheme is the choice itself.In the story Julian is facing this crossroad. Which is understandable seeing that he is great at bothpainting and science. But science does not seem to excite him as much as the art does andpainting does not seem to excite his parents as much. This is a choice, which will form the rest ofhis life,…...

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