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Besides being at the brink of madness caused by her self-denial of the passing of her fame, Norma Desmond had also become rather sexual-transgressive. Some male traits shown in Norma consist of her dominance - she demands over Max, financial independence - owns factories which constantly makes profits and her assertive nature - she fearlessly confronts her passion for Joe. The way Norma is ridiculously insane to a degree of dark humour brings sympathy, entertainment and a corrupted depiction of celebrity to audiences.

Her dramatic movements, superficial appearances and script-alike dialogues reveal this. This is an illustration the self-possessiveness of celebrities as a result of the illusions of fame.
Joe Gillis, is a laconic character who interacts with Norma in a reciprocally dependent relationship. Without Gillis, Norma feels lifeless, loveless and powerless, she depends on him emotionally,
Max, who is entirely devoted to Norma. He accepts reality however chooses to conform to Norma's insane world of delusions and even supports her - "Madame is the greatest star of them all."
Norma is repeatedly filmed as a silhouette, which gives a feeling of eeriness as well as depicting perhaps the notion that Norma Desmond's fame is merely a silhouette, a shadow, an illusion.
The angles in Sunset Boulevard positioned the audience to see Norma as an alienated character time and again filmed from a lower-angle view, with her standing on the top of a staircase. This alienation of Norma causes the audience to see celebrities as people who are isolated and unfitted revealing the corruption of Norma, and highlighting the emotions character may experience. The opening scene of the film consists of a debris-flying gutter with the street sign Sunset Boulevard on it, followed by the sirening police car chase. This implies that the life of the celebrity living on the street…...

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