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INTRODUCTION: Nestlé´ is a Swiss-German word which means
Little Nest´ which is its trademark. Nestlé Milk Pak Limited (NML) was incorporated in Pakistan under the Companies Ordinance, 1984 & listed onKarachi and
ahore stock exchanges since 1980. Nestle is a Swiss company, founded in 1866 byHenri Nestle. Nestlé Pure
ife was launched in Pakistan in 1998


: Nestle has some very strong brands like Nescafe, Meggi and Cerelec. These brands are almost generic to their product categories.
: The company has been continuously introducing new products for its Pakistani patterns on frequent basis, thus expanding its product offerings.
RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT: Nestle has a worldwide network of centers in 17 locations on four continents. An international staff of 3500 engaged in the search for innovative new products and the renovation of existing ones.
Another thing is high level of market share and that people all over the world trust and recognizes Nestle as a big brand name.
: they are low cost operators which allow them to not only beat competition but also edging ahead operating excellence, innovation, renovation, product availability and communication are major strengths


One major weakness of Nestle is that it is entering into markets that are already mature and can give a tough competition to new entrants.
PLAIN YOGURT: Nestle Plain Yogurt has proved to be a Nestle weakness because it has been unable to make its market place in USA. But Nestle by analyzing the sensitive areas can overcome its weaknesses.
ess consumer research in few…...

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